Wells Independents (WIN) is a group of independent people who want to bring people together to build a stronger community and have fun. Wells has many different organisations but we believe we can make the best of our little city if we all work more closely together. We are just ordinary people who want to make a difference. You are more than welcome to become a supporter now and have your say.

About Wells Independents

Wells Independents (WIN) is not a political party but an independent group of individuals who set out in December 2014 to encourage new candidates to put themselves forward for Wells City Council.

We currently have six WIN City Councillors, including both the Mayor and the Deputy Mayor, and we hold the chair in the 3 most influential committees.  We want to build on what has been achieved in the past by offering fresh faces, a fresh approach and more innovation.

WIN was formed through word of mouth by people from different walks of life who share a passion for Wells. The WIN group is self-organised with interested people offering skills and time to be part of something new and positive for Wells.

The original idea behind WIN is to re-invigorate local government in Wells, invite more people to have their say and bring forth the non-voters and spur them into taking part in what happens to their city.

But WIN is also a community organisation. In April 2016, we launched Wells SOUP, a new event designed to support local charities and have a bit of fun.

It is called Wells SOUP, and while eating delicious soup is part of the deal, there is much more to savour. Click here for details… And during the Covid-19 pandemic, WIN councillors have been at the forefront of initiatives to help and support those whose lives and businesses have been badly affected by the lockdowns.

WIN is funded by donations we rely on your generosity to keep momentum going. Your money goes towards helping us voice your ambitions for Wells.


If you care about the way your city is run come to one of our meetings to hear about what we stand for, meet the candidates and find out how you can help get involved.